K.S.Y. Varnam

K.S.Y. Varnam (a.k.a. Kit) is a Toronto poet, artist, and editor.


K.S.Y. Varnam’s poetry and lyrical prose center primarily around identity and the politics of existing as queer, mad, disabled, and neurodivergent. Their writing has appeared online and in print, in journals and anthologies. They have received several Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council grants to work on various poetry and mixed form manuscripts, and they are currently seeking homes for several chapbooks and one full-length manuscript. As a nonbinary trans writer, their work has appeared under different names at different phases in their transition, including under their deadname.

“Geology,” Imaginary Safehouse, Hamilton Arts and Letters.

“Holograms,” Plenitude.

Too/Not,” Anomaly #32: Writing Ourselves Mad.

“Household Spirit,” Monstering.

“Lunar Ravings,” Monstering.

“Not Haunting,” Monstering.

“Obedience,” Monstering.

“White Knight IV,” Monstering.

“Minutes,” Juniper.

“Space,” Juniper.

“Distance,” “Parts,” Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You III.

“Flesh Fashions,” “Sanity.” antilang. no. 3.

“Culling,” “Savour,” “Cravings,” Recipe for Disaster,” Poetry Pacific

Visual Art

As a visual artist, Kit’s work primarily explores queer, neurodivergent, and disabled identity through mythological, anatomical, and floral imagery. They work primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Ranging from portraits of mental disorders to abstract explorations of the natural world, their artwork has been published or is upcoming in Transition Magazine, the Theories of HER anthology, Chrysalis, The Flying Walrus, Incendies, The Quilliad, Underground Inspirations, and pacificREVIEW.


UPCOMING: March 24, 2023. Pancakes and Booze Art Show. Revival, Toronto, ON.
November 2015. Bloor-Gladstone Public Library, Toronto, ON.
December 2014-February 2015. PRINT Gallery, Toronto, ON.
September/October 2014. Immaculate Selfie, Black Cat Gallery, Toronto, ON.
July 2014. Architecture of Mad, Mad Pride festival gallery, Toronto, ON.
March 2014. Hip 2B Square, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto, ON.
February 2014. Nice to Meet You, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto, ON.

“All Mad Here” (artist feature). The Trauma and Mental Health Blog. September, 2017.
“Apple of my Odd Eye” (artist/collective feature). What Inspires Your Art? bit.ly/2f4eDEa. March 2014.

You can find their crafts and prints for sale on the Flamingo Market site. To purchase a painting or mixed media piece from Kit, email them at syvarnam@gmail.com. Prints are available for all artwork. Prices for originals are in the captions.

Queer Collages

“Roots” Series

“Roethke’s Flowers” series

Ontario Flora & Fauna” series (commissioned)

“Dark” Series

“Exploratory” Series

“All Mad Here” Series

“Roses” Series

“Thoughts” Series

“Waves” Series (so far)

“Super Heroes” Series

“Telling Tales” Series

“Cosmos” Series

Tattoo Art (Email for design commissions)


“Telling Tales” Series

Jewelry (Prices range from $15-$25; ask about availability)

Sculptures (Prices range from $25-$100; ask about availability)

Christmas Ornaments (Prices range from $10-$15; ask about availability)