Ashley Pleasant

Ashley Pleasant is a painter/crafter who likes to put the outside in, be it a painting or a set of earrings. At the moment, by using imagery of the cosmos and recycled items, she is creating portraits and jewellery that represent the inner self.

Everything is infinite, so there is no limit to creation.
Earrings are made from recycled bottle caps with edges that have been flattened. The caps are painted or left with the original design, and the insides are decorated with images/objects. They get filled with a high gloss resin, and sterling silver (hypo-allergenic) earring posts are then attached to the back.
Earrings by Ashley Pleasant

Earrings by Ashley Pleasant

Ashley's earrings

Ashley’s earrings

Pin-back buttons

Ashley's buttons

Ashley’s buttons

Pin-back buttons by Ashley Pleasant

Pin-back buttons by Ashley Pleasant