Halloween Makeup and Costume Inspiration

Hey, everyone.

We’re very into Halloween at Apple of my Odd Eye, and we’ve had a few opportunities to dress up already for The Quilliad‘s fourth issue launch party and for a backyard party. I really got into my costumes (so far) this year and thought I’d share my obsession with you.

Having decided to wear a different costume for each Halloween-themed event I go to this year, I have already spent much of this last week in thrift stores and costume stores assembling my costumes, and several hours on both faces combined. In my opinion, it was worth it–I felt super spooky. So far, it’s corpse/dead bride and Little Red Riding Werewolf down, dryad/forest spirit/elf still to go.

Big thanks to my mom for making the red hood for me and to Devin for dressing up as my corpse groom for The Quilliad‘s launch:


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