Quilliad Kickstarter Update!

The Quilliad is a publication near and dear to our hearts. Please share widely! 🙂

The Quilliad

Dear readers,

We’re excited to be able to say that we have reached 28% of our Kickstarter goal! Thank you to those who have supported The Quilliad so far.

For those who don’t know us, The Quilliad is a biannual literary and arts publication. Based in Toronto, we publish (and pay) emerging and established Canadian authors and artists. Here’s a photo from one of our earlier launches:

Quilliad launch

What we’re trying to do with our Kickstarter is kick everything up a notch. We already pay our contributors (something we’d like to see become more widespread with literary and art journals), but we want to offer more to those to provide us with their creative work. We also want to print this issue in colour, as the theme is “literary and other arts”, and thus this issue will have a lot more images in it than usual. We’d love to thank our…

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