Apple of my Odd Eye’s Bizarre Adventures

Apple of my Odd Eye spent yesterday (Sunday, March 30) at the Bazaar of the Bizarre‘s Circus Sideshow 2014. Some highlights from the day included checking out the other stalls, taking candied nuts from strangers, sharing food and conversations with other vendors (including Victoria the goldsmith and the tall, mohawked woman in our photos–see below), and chatting with an adorable little girl in a balloon tutu complete with octopus tentacles (she even gave Sarah a free croissant–for vendors at an art show, a lot of the fun we had seems to have revolved around food . . .).

If you weren’t able to check out the bazaar this time around, we encourage you to drop by another time–it’s a great show (we have trouble not buying everything ourselves, and the company is great–so many fun people). If you were hoping to buy some art, you still can! We’ll be at several shows over the year. You can also find our art for sale at our Zazzle and Etsy stores (more Etsy listings will be up over the next few days).

-Apple of my Odd Eye’s artists

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