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Eden Bachelder’s Art in The Quilliad

Everyone at Apple of my Odd Eye is involved with The Quilliad somehow (I’m the editor-in-chief), and we love to see the talent of other Canadian artists within the journal’s pages. The fifth issue of The Quilliad will feature several of Eden’s pieces (as for which, that has yet to be decided). Eden’s style is very much in the spirit of what we try to do aesthetically–after all, we are trying to appeal to those with an “odd eye” for art!

Check out The Quilliad‘s artist profile on Eden if you’d like to see more of her work and learn more about her. The Quilliad is still looking for submissions of art and writing, and the Kickstarter for issue 5 is running until March 22, so there are a few ways to get involved if you are interested.


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