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New Photos for Spring

While yearning for warmer weather, I happened to notice the wintery beauty of the remains of this year’s herb garden. Waste not, want not–I grabbed my camera and snapped some shots. These are the ones that turned out the best. Some feel hopeful, others melancholy, while the last, “Nightmare”, feels a bit menacing to me. While I was going for very specific focal points with the other images, this last one works for me precisely because of the indistinct threat it seems to hold (the background on the right looks a bit like a blurry wolf-monster to my eye).

If you like any of these images, you may wish to know that parts of this series are now available as backer rewards for The Quilliad‘s fifth issue Kickstarter. The Quilliad is a local, small press journal of art and literature that all of us at Apple of my Odd Eye are involved with in some way. Devin and Ashley have also supplied The Quilliad with some prints for Kickstarter.


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