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Rose and Ribbon necklaces by Sarah

Tomorrow is the Bazaar of the Bizarre! We’re excited, as it’s always an interesting show. Among the new pieces we’ll have on display (and for sale) at the show are these rose and ribbon necklaces:

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“Roses III” Painting

There’s finally a third painting for the “Roses” series! This one even has (most) of a body. Devin and did some painting this weekend while watching Doctor Who, and this was the result.  She was inspired a little by Play Dead Cult, and then everything got away from me and the roses took over.


There are a few places where I think things ended up a little cluttered, but overall I’m pretty happy with this piece for now. She went through a lot of changes over the last two days. Here are some process shots:

You know your style is a bit odd when you find yourself thinking, “Ya know, I think I might paint them with bodies for a while.”


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The Next Piece in the “Roses” Painting Series

The second piece in my “Roses” series is now complete! “Roses II” uses much warmer colours and had the benefit of my discovery of paint markers to make the thin lines a little smoother. I also used fineliner (and, of course, acrylic). Here it is with “Roses I”:

“Roses II” is, of course, the painting from this post. It’s certainly come a long way (though her big, deer-like eyes may be just as creepy as the empty sockets were!). I’m still waiting on Devin to finish the landscape from that post so I can show you guys. The colours in it are gorgeous.
Have a good day!


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