Immaculate Selfie Gallery Show Opening

wpid-selfie.jpgLast night was the opening night for the Immaculate Selfie show at the Black Cat Gallery in Toronto. Curated by Devan Patel of Project Gallery, the exhibition is a celebration and interrogation of the internet age’s fascination with the self portrait in its new form, the selfie. The selfies adorning the tiny gallery’s walls ranged from photographs to oil paintings–there were even some fingerprints.

Guests were encouraged to take selfies with the art on display, and the mirrors on the ceiling intensified the sense of self-reflexivity. Oh, and the art was pretty great (I’m not just saying that because my work was included; there were some really clever interpretations of the theme as well as some beautiful portraits).

Here are more photos from the night:

For more information about the series my selfie is from (the idea is slightly more complex than me slathering paint on my face, though that was admittedly a lot of fun), check out this blog post from February:


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