Everyday Apocalypse

I walked out onto our balcony on Sunday morning and was struck by the eeriness of what I saw:

Our garden has turned into a tangled, dripping mess, and I love it (though I miss eating fresh sweetpeas in the morning). I couldn’t resist capturing the faded tones contrasted with those bursts of colour. Fall is one of my favourite seasons largely because of Halloween, so I might just be seeing ghosts and apocalypse everywhere because of that.

We have some more spooky art that we’ll be sharing over the next little while in the spirit of the season. Until then, we hope you enjoy the pumpkin-flavoured everything that has invaded the retail world this month.


The Quilliad's issue 4 cover

The Quilliad’s issue 4 cover

P.S. If you like apocalyptic, spooky, or fantastical art–or writing–check out The Quilliad, a little literary and arts publication with a Halloween theme for its upcoming issue.

We’re working on our fourth issue right now, which means both that our Kickstarter is up until the end of the month and our submission call is open until the 30th of September. We’ve got a bunch of cool and creepy rewards available for the Kickstarter and we’d love to see your work for our submission call.

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