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A Trip to Beautiful, Wild Scotland


Apologies for the infrequency of recent updates; we’ve been busy! While there will be some updates on arts events and the like soon, for now I’d like to share some photos from a recent trip to Scotland, because it is a truly gorgeous country. This is only a small fraction of the 800+ photos taken over the course of 10 days–it was hard to put the camera down!

-Sarah, Apple of my Odd Eye collective manager

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Happy Halloween! More Costume and Makeup Inspiration

Wednesday fridy'

For my final costume this year, I came up with two different looks for two different days (Wednesday and today) with the same basic concept. Wednesday was a little more elf princess, and today is a little more forest sprite/goblin, but the antlers are the centrepiece in both cases:

For some process shots, check out the post on how it was made (this was a way more complicated process than I had planned, and there are a few things I will do differently in the future if I make these again, but the end result works for the costume, and that’s what really matters):

And here are the costumes! I think today’s is better than Wednesday’s, but I do like some things about Wednesday’s makeup. Also, I apologise to any archers who may be offended by how inexpertly I hold that bow; in my defense, it is not designed to be a practical weapon–it’s very much for show!

I’m not the only one who got into the Halloween spirit. Devin dressed up for work today, and Ash was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at The Quilliad‘s launch and costume party last week (Devin went for a creepy costume for the launch as well):

Looking at my family, it’s not hard to see where my costume obsession comes from:

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Our Spooky Neighbourhood

Our neighbourhood always gets into the Halloween spirit, so I took the time to walk around and capture some of the creative displays of Halloween decorations near our apartment building. I saw everything from cotton spider webs to kid’s drawings on pumpkins. Some displays consist mostly of well-chosen pre-made decorations, but the garbage-bag spider is pretty clever!

Hope you have a great All Hallows Eve!


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A Creepy Evening Stroll

"Emergency" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Emergency” – Sarah Y. Varnam

Devin and I went for a walk this evening and came across this TTC emergency exit. It immediately made me think of zombies and ghost stories. I hope you enjoy this creepy little photoshoot:

If you’re a fan of creepy art (and maybe also spooky and speculative writing), you might like The Quilliad‘s fourth issue. It’s the publication’s Halloween issue, and there will be thrills and chills in abundance, as well as some pieces that are just plain strange. We believe that literature and art can embrace the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres, and we want this issue to reflect that. The Kickstarter for this issue is still going for a few more days, and we’re still accepting submissions.

Check it out.


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Everyday Apocalypse

I walked out onto our balcony on Sunday morning and was struck by the eeriness of what I saw:

Our garden has turned into a tangled, dripping mess, and I love it (though I miss eating fresh sweetpeas in the morning). I couldn’t resist capturing the faded tones contrasted with those bursts of colour. Fall is one of my favourite seasons largely because of Halloween, so I might just be seeing ghosts and apocalypse everywhere because of that.

We have some more spooky art that we’ll be sharing over the next little while in the spirit of the season. Until then, we hope you enjoy the pumpkin-flavoured everything that has invaded the retail world this month.


The Quilliad's issue 4 cover

The Quilliad’s issue 4 cover

P.S. If you like apocalyptic, spooky, or fantastical art–or writing–check out The Quilliad, a little literary and arts publication with a Halloween theme for its upcoming issue.

We’re working on our fourth issue right now, which means both that our Kickstarter is up until the end of the month and our submission call is open until the 30th of September. We’ve got a bunch of cool and creepy rewards available for the Kickstarter and we’d love to see your work for our submission call.

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“The Arizona Desert” and “The Grand Canyon, Photography by Sean G. Marjoram

Here, we have more stunning nature photography from Sean G. Marjoram. If you like his work, check out Sean’s portfolio. Both of these images are available as prints from Apple of my Odd Eye’s Zazzle shop.

"The Arizona Desert" - Sean G. Marjoram

“The Arizona Desert” – Sean G. Marjoram

"The Grand Canyon" - Sean G. Marjoram

“The Grand Canyon” – Sean G. Marjoram

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“Lake Huron at Dusk”, photography by Sean G. Marjoram

Here is some more abstract photography from Sean G. Marjoram: a blurred Lake Huron sunset.

"Lake Huron at Dusk" - Sean G. Marjoram

“Lake Huron at Dusk” – Sean G. Marjoram

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“Arc de Triomphe” photo by Sean G. Marjoram

Here’s another photo from Sean G. Marjoram. It’s an honour having such talented artists working with Apple of my Odd Eye.

"Arc de Triomphe" - Sean G. Marjoram

“Arc de Triomphe” – Sean G. Marjoram

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“Portrait” Photo/Painting Series by Sarah Y. Varnam

"Portrait" Series II - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Portrait” Series II – Sarah Y. Varnam

When people see one of my paintings, they often ask, “Is it a self portrait?” It usually isn’t in the strictest sense, but I don’t know that I could say that any of my portraits are truly not. While aesthetics and more general themes have started to temper the chaotic, raw motivation behind my really early work (what I’m doing now is, in the grand scheme of things, still early work), there is still a lot of me in my paintings. I rarely paint a portrait thinking of myself as the subject, but feelings and features sneak in.

With this in mind, and inspired by the recent inclusion on our website of Sean G. Marjoram’s photography portfolio, I decided to shoot a photo series that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks. The concept for the series is partially inspired by Flora Borsi’s series “The Real Life Models”. The idea was pretty simple: since my paintings have a lot of me in them, I wanted to show how much of them is in me (so to speak). My dyed hair, the makeup I wear (when I, rarely, bother to wear any), the clothes I choose, the piercings, the tattoo ideas I have–all 0f these are ways of entering physically the artistic world I inhabit when I pick up a paintbrush.

I wanted to do this more concretely, so I went through my face paints and my most dramatic makeup, picked up my camera, and packed them all for a trip to my dad’s washroom. Laughable as this sounds, there is one wall in his bathroom that has, I swear, almost studio-quality lighting compared to anywhere in my apartment.

And then I did my best to turn myself into a painting.

"Portrait" Series I - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Portrait” Series I – Sarah Y. Varnam

I didn’t copy any particular piece (I’ve tried that before unsuccessfully). I did take cues from certain pieces, most notably those from the “Telling Tales” and “All Mad Here” series, as well as some personal pieces that aren’t up on my portfolio page. The results are strange hybrids. In a way, they are still “just” self portraits; in another sense, they aren’t of me at all. I wasn’t thinking so much of photographing myself as photographing the paintings overlaid over me-as-canvas. The expressions in the photos are more those of my paintings than ones I wear in everyday life. They are posed; they possess composed intent.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. There are angles I wish I’d thought of, colours I wish I’d included, and I’m sure I’ll edit them again at some point, but for now I think I’ve accomplished what I meant to do. And here, without further ado, is the full series:


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