Art at Mad Pride

As we mentioned in our recent post about new work and next steps for the collective, Sarah’s work is up in the Architecture of Mad show today as part of Mad Pride in Toronto. Mad Pride is a week of celebrations and discussions around mental illness. The yearly event is meant to facilitate conversations about mental health issues and remove stigma for those with mental health conditions. Sarah qualified for the art show partly because of her obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The show was also juried. The sculptures she submitted to the show started as a way to cope with overwhelming anxiety (happily, they have evolved into something more fun and whimsical). As is evident in her portfolio, much of Sarah’s work comes from her interest in “madness”.

To our surprise and delight, we found out a few days ago that we were also accepted into the Mad Market. Today’s market was one of the best art shows we’ve participated in, based on factors as diverse as cost, company, sales, and atmosphere. Here are a few shots from the Mad Market and Architecture of Mad:

We even got a chance to hang out and chat with some vendors we know from other shows (some of whom will be at the Strange and Astounding Show in Oshawa with us in November). To make the day even better, while we were at the show we received a notification from Etsy that we had sold a piece (you can find us on Etsy here). We had a great time and hope that Mad Pride continues to grow over the years. We look forward to being part of it in the future and seeing how it evolves.

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