The “Roethke’s Flowers” Series So Far

Hey, guys. Sarah here. I’ve been working on this series on and off for a couple of months and am pretty happy with it so far. The third piece is not yet complete, but these two turned out pretty much the way I hoped they would:

"Orchids (adder-mouthed)" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Orchids (adder-mouthed)” – Sarah Y. Varnam

"Hyacinths" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Hyacinths” – Sarah Y. Varnam

I seem to have an obsession with roots that isn’t going away any time soon. This is my first foray into painting flowers other than roses, though, and I am enjoying it a lot. If you haven’t read any of the gloriously creepy plant poetry by Theodore Roethke that inspired this series, try “Root Cellar” or “Orchids”.


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