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Supporting the Arts through Kickstarter

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter and of crowdfunding in general. I think its ability to connect creators with the public is phenomenal, and sites like Kickstarter help fill the gaps left by our current government grant systems. This is why I’ve backed projects like New Nebula: Volume One, The White Review, Floodgate Poetry Series Vol. 2, and Fireside Magazine Year 3, and why I’m currently backing projects like Maxx Giffen’s The Transformation Project and SPROUTLINGS: A Compendium of Little Fictions. Most if not all of these projects are by independent artists and small presses.

Of course, I also create Kickstarters; I’m running one right now. The Quilliad Press is a small press project that everyone in our collective has been involved with in some way, and we’re proud to say that we are huge supporters of independent artists, emerging writers, and our fellow small presses and art organizations. Our submission call for art by Canadian writers and artists for our Halloween-inspired sixth issue is running concurrently with our Kickstarter, and both end today, October 20, at midnight EST. If you’re interested in the literary scifi, horror, apocalyptic fiction, and magic realism that will be in our sixth issue, as well as the dark, magical art, or the chapbooks, art prints, and personalised poetry we’re offering at backer rewards, check out our project page: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1765917797/the-quilliad-press-and-issue-6. Every cent goes toward publishing and promoting Canadian writers and artists.

Hopefully you’ll check out some of these projects. And then, maybe, you’ll start one of your own.

Sarah Varnam,
Manager of the Apple of my Odd Eye artists’ collective
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of The Quilliad Press

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Support Small Press Publishing

IMG_7789 - CopyAs The Quilliad Press’s Kickstarter enters its final stage with a little over 50% raised and $1144 to go, we’re calling on our supporters to support small press. The Quilliad Press publishes work by both Canadian writers and artists and sees these media as working best when they’re used together. There’s a lot of crossover between the Apple of my Odd Eye collective and The Quilliad, the press’s literary journal; we’re trying to reach out to as many people as we can and create something that benefits local artists and writers as well as readers and art lovers. If you love books, literature, visual art, photography, indie publishers, and/or creativity, consider backing The Quilliad Press through Kickstarter by following this link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1765917797/the-quilliad-press-and-issue-6. Especially since Kickstarter funding is all or nothing (if the full amount isn’t raised, The Quilliad Press doesn’t get any of it), even $5 helps, and you’ll get a digital copy of The Quilliad’ s sixth issue as a reward. Other rewards include personalised poetry on demand, art prints, and chapbooks of art and poetry. Check it out!

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As Equals Poetry Film Debut

Two of our artists, Sean G. Marjoram and Devin P.L. Edwards, recently created a fantastic poetry short film, As Equals, with the help of some talented local actors. The film debuted on the web this week on YouTube:

The film will also be screened at The Quilliad‘s fifth-issue launch party on May 9 at Betty’s on King.

issue 5 flyer

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The “Roethke’s Flowers” Series So Far

Hey, guys. Sarah here. I’ve been working on this series on and off for a couple of months and am pretty happy with it so far. The third piece is not yet complete, but these two turned out pretty much the way I hoped they would:

"Orchids (adder-mouthed)" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Orchids (adder-mouthed)” – Sarah Y. Varnam

"Hyacinths" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Hyacinths” – Sarah Y. Varnam

I seem to have an obsession with roots that isn’t going away any time soon. This is my first foray into painting flowers other than roses, though, and I am enjoying it a lot. If you haven’t read any of the gloriously creepy plant poetry by Theodore Roethke that inspired this series, try “Root Cellar” or “Orchids”.


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A Message from The Quilliad: Deadlines for our “Literary and Other Arts” issue and our poetry contest extended!

A publication that many of our members are involved in (Sarah is the editor-in-chief) has this message for all your writers and artists:

The Quilliad is extending our deadlines for regular submissions to our upcoming issue and to our poetry contest. For submission guidelines for the issue, see our submissions page for guidelines.We are accepting short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and visual art this issue.

For contest entries, email poetry inspired by or dealing with art to thequilliad@gmail.com. We look forward to reading your work.

The new deadline is April 14th.

The Quilliad team

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The Quilliad Submission Call and Kickstarter

The Quilliad, issues 1&2

The Quilliad, issues 1&2

Hello, everyone,

A publication near and dear to our hearts (Sarah is the editor-in-chief, and Devin and Sean have been contributors) is open for submissions of poetry, (short) short fiction/flash fiction, and visual art! See The Quilliad‘s submission page for details. There is also a Facebook event. Submissions are due March 31. Residents of Canada only. The Quilliad pays its contributors a small honorarium and a contributor copy. There is NO fee to submit.

The Quilliad has also started a Kickstarter for its third issue. With the money raised, we hope to print in colour, pay our contributors more, and pay our staff. If you love small presses and/or independent art projects, check it out.

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